Our commitment for junior employees and people with handicap

With several apprenticeship training positions we care for well-trained employees for the challenges of tomorrow. On the other hand we also care for a a faithful integration of people with disabilities.

Social Commitment

Since our founding social commitment has a very high importance within our company. Therfore we currently support a regional and for the first time also an international project. We created a special internship for Mr. Dennis Weidemann, who is working at "Nordthüringer Lebenshilfe" (a special institution for the employment of disabled people), so he will get skills around the manufacturing and assembling of technical textiles. He is trained by our permanent staff fully integrated into all processes.

Over a project for young unemployed people of the European Union, German Federal Employment Office and various companies from the “Eichsfeld” region, we offered our young colleagues Cristian Rico Bermejo and Borja Martinez Moya from Spain the opportunity of a focused and intensive internship. Maybe this will result in plans for a apprenticeship for the future.

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