Manifest 10+

Our manifest for high customer satisfaction

With our manifest 10+ we will care about, that you will always gat an optimum solution in premium quality and with long-term durability. This is our basis for high customer satisfaction.

1 At Kaufung you can count on a wide range of services at the wide field of protection with technical textiles. Here we are real experts and offer you customized solutions, that are tailored precisely to your requirements.

2 Saving traditions, but at the same time be on the innovator edge. We combine this valuable knowledge and expertise of four generations with the know-how of current training and the use of state-of-the-art technology. With Christin Große (geb. Kaufung) and her husband Daniel Große is already the 4th genration member of the dircetors board.

3 Continuous development of new mock-ups and products as well as its involvement in various competence teams within commercial networks and associations is our goal to be always one step ahead.

4 We (almost) never say never. We are inventors over generations and take every problem as a challenge.

5 An optimal product starts with an optimal consulting. Therefore, we often ask the one or other question more and work close with you to find the optimum solution meeting your exact requirements.

6 Without exact planning, we won't start. Only when we have the right input, it is time for implementation .

7 Our employees build the company. Through their high level of expertise and skills and by a high level of identification we can reach our goal for perfect customers' solutions.

8 Low hierarchies and short distances ensure high transparency and creativity in our company, and seamless implementation from planning to production.

9 With a high degree of flexibility we provide surprising solutions and high productivity in our manufacturing.

10 Cutting-edge technology such as RF welding machines and digital plotters ensure optimal processing precision and detailed implementation for long lifetime.

Why you can expect more from Kaufung? Commited team, wide expertise.