Workers' protection

Your professional for workers' safety and weather protection.

Our details make the difference

Whether standard or special request: Our solutions for workers' protection offer high durability and robustness in daily use. The reasons are the use of high quality fabrics, carefully executed seams and welding as well as clever details for optimized comfort at your mobile construction areas.

Pipeline Tents


As experts for work tents, please contact us for customized design and manufacturing of your special pipeline tent.

  • Optimal tent frame structure, implemented by our in-house metal construction department
  • Covered with high quality, durable PVC fabrics
  • Implemented equipment options to suit your individual requirements


  • Durable due to high resistance against rotting of the fabric and double safety seams
  • Fire resistance DIN 4102 B1
  • Multiple fitting options such as entrance doors, height adjustability, crane access, flexible adaptation to different pipe diameters
  • Fast and easy assembly

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